Lifelong Welfare

Every child and person with a disability is unique.

At Bowers, we provide a 'cradle to grave' service for those with a disability or special need and their families.

Frustratingly, there are many different avenues of support for people with disabilities which are often not utilised.

We support families and young people with disabilities and to empower them to have the quality of life that they are entitled to.

Disabled people are entitled to additional support in every sphere of their lives to include within the workplace in the home and community. We are experts in making applications for deputyships which allows parents, and in some case siblings or friends of the disabled person to make decisions on their behalf.

There are many mechanisms which are provided to safeguard the rights of disabled people not least the Equality Act 2010 which provides that those with a disability are entitled to reasonable adjustments to enable them as much as possible to be on a level playing field with their peers.

For the family that requires support for an adult or young person with complex needs it can be a source of great anxiety as to what will happen to that child when there are no longer able to protect them. For these Families we offer a specialist will writing service and have access to accountants which specialise in creating trusts to protect those with disabilities.

We  have an experienced  special educational needs department to make sure the children with special educational needs get the education they deserve.

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