Zach Esdaile


Head of Equality and Disability Department

020-8455 9881

I am head of Bowers Education and Disability Department.

My interest in this complex area of work was sparked as a child when I was diagnosed with dyslexia and dyspraxia; this gave me a unique insight into the problems facing those with learning difficulties.

I was one of the 'lucky few' that obtained support through a statement of special educational needs and it was because of this support that I received I was able to go on to study at Leeds University and practise law. I first started practising education law in my early 20s receiving training as a law student through a leading charity which enabled me to represent families of children- who were not as fortunate as I was- to get the support they required. I then obtained a training contract at a law firm which specializes in education law.  

After a number of successful years of practice, I “came home” to open a department within my father’s law firm, Bowers Solicitors, to set up a new education and disability law department.  My department provides “cradle to the grave” support for those with disabilities and special needs. focusing on:

• Special educational needs.  I am extremely experienced and successful in representing cases before the First Tier Tribunal for special needs and disabilities and aim as much as possible to try to see a resolution at an early stage.

• Support  for young people at  University and  within the workplace;

•  To provide protection for people with significant needs and their families in areas of mental capacity and trusts to include  deputyships, LPA, and wills


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