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Clients are naturally concerned when instructing lawyers about having to pay large legal fees, we therefore always try to provide clients with a fixed cost from the outset.

We are a community law firm who have had the pleasure of looking after the legal interests of individuals and businesses for over 100 years.

Our longevity is testament to the fact we take time to know our clients and understand their needs they do not get passed around or fobbed off.

Our experienced solicitors provide honest advice in plain English and will only take on your case if we believe we can help.

Please feel free to call or email a member of our team about your matter. If we cannot assist you we will seek to refer you to another provider.

Property Transactions and Administering a deceased estate

The hourly rate of the senior partner Raymond Esdaile who addresses such issues is £300 plus VAT.

Our charges for probate are based upon the value of the estate and the number of hours it will take to complete the job.
So far as the value of the estate is concerned, we generally charge a fee of 1 % -plus VAT and disbursements - of the estate in which will include the number hours to complete the job.

So far as conveyancing is concerned, our standard charge is based upon the value of the property on either a sale or purchase and we charge usually approximately 1/3 of 1%- plus VAT and disbursements- of the sale or purchase price concerned

There is an additional charge to deal with leasehold matters and also for acting for the mortgagees if we are on the panel for the particular mortgagee’s in question. Our charges for acting for the mortgagee’s is somewhere in the region of £100 plus VAT.

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