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By Zach Esdaile 2 years ago

My interest in this, complex area of law was sparked when as a child I was diagnosed with dyslexia and dyspraxia. I was one of the few that obtained support through a statement of special educational needs and it was because of the support that I received I was enabled me to go on to study at Leeds University and to practice law. I first started practising education law my early 20s receiving training through the charity IPSEA enabling me to represent families of children -who were not as fortunate as I was - to get the support they require.  I made an early decision that this is the area of law I wish to devote my working life too and obtained a training contract as a leading education law firm. After a number of years of practice, I 'came home' to my father's law firm Bowers solicitors to set up a new Education and Disability Law Department in North London. 

My department provides 'cradle to grave support' for those with disabilities and special needs not only focusing on special educational needs, but also routes to into higher education and employment; for people with more significant needs protection in the form of deputyship's, trusts and Wills. We are at this current time investigating ways in which we can assist the broader community this includes:
• running free training seminars and workshops for both parents and for schools,
• developing our website to provide free and accessible information and
• investigating giving back 10% of our fees from all education work to assist schools and charities provide for the most vulnerable of pupils (further information to be announced later).

If we can be of any further asistance please do not hesitate to contact me on 0208-455-9881. 

Zach Esdaile 



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